What's to buy

Rigomagno is an obligatory stop for those who love the authentic taste of Tuscan olive oil.
The pedological and climatic conditions of the area are such that Rigomagno is particularly suited to the production of an exceptional Tuscan oil; in fact, Rigomagno is also widely known as "The Hill of Olives". And to confirm its prestige as a producer of fine extra virgin olive oil, the main variety used here is Moraiolo, with some Leccino.
We would inform our guests that Rigomagno, being an historical Tuscan village outside the usual tourist circuit, has only one small bar and no restaurants. Therefore, we recommend you go to Lucignano (3km from Rigomagno) La Paterna di Rigomagnoor Sinalunga (about 5km away) for your daily shopping needs.
You'll find excellent restaurants in Lucignano, which is a lovely, Tuscan village.
In Sinalunga (only about 10 minutes by car from Rigomagno) you'll find a large, Coop shopping centre offering everything from food and wine to clothing.

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